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CBD & Cannabis Workshop at Your Retail Location

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Product Description

CBD & Hemp Workshop Pop- Up Event at your Retail Location

Q & A sessions with a Cannabis Certified Nurse,

along with samples, education and shop full spectrum CBD products.

We could plan this at your shop for an evening or weekend.

People want to learn more about cannabis and hemp, but they are nervous or 

unsure on a safe resource.

This will give the opportunity for a judgement free zone,

and the ability for open respectful conversation about hemp!

This also can help facilitate foot traffic to your business location and aid in mutual business referrals amongst happy clients. 

Workshops are generally 2 hrs in length, but can be tailored upon email request or phone call. 

Example Below:

-15 min Brief intro on my background in health care as wound care nurse, and other fields. What led me to using Hemp in my life and how it has improved things mentally and physically for myself, family and customers. 

-30 min Q&A session 

-30 min to sample Full Spectrum Hemp Products and get more education & resources that may benefit you and your family!

-45 min to shop if you like and mingle amongst new friends

If you call to discuss a more custom option to make it a longer workshop we can plan accordingly together on a fair price for us both!