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"From Nurse Hands to Yours" 

Why a product with CBD?

See just a few benefits below!

CBD and Therapeutic Effects:  


Anti-spasmatic (suppress muscle spasms)

Anti-inflammatory(reduce inflammation)

Analgesic (relieves pain)

Anxiolytic (relieves anxiety) 

Anti-epileptic (reduces seizures and convulsions)

Anti-proliferative (inhibits cell growth in tumors/cancer)

Anti-emetic (reduces nausea and vomiting) 

Intestinal anti-prokinetic (reduces contraction of small intestine)

Anti-psychotic (can assist with psychosis management)

Anti-diabetic (reduces blood sugar levels) 

Neuroprotective (prevents nervous system degeneration)

Anti-psoriatic (aid in psoriasis) 

Anti-ischemic (reduces risk of artery blockage)

Anti-bacterial (kills or slows bacterial growth) 

Bone stimulant (promotes bone growth) 

Antioxidant (fights free radicals from outside pollutants and skin damagers such as the suns rays and chemicals) 



Disclaimer: Sativa's Garden and its employees do not claim to treat, cure, aide or diagnose any medical condition. 

It is always best to consult with your physician prior to starting any new routine.