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CBD and Cannabis Coaching Call - 30 minutes

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Product Description

30 minute CBD and Cannabis Coaching Call

Interested in Virtual CBD & Cannabis Coaching from a Certified Nurse?

From the Comfort and privacy of your own home, ask questions, find out about the medicinal plant benefits, pharmacology, aid in recovery, pain relief, anxiety assistance, and help with skin issues. 

I work together with you to develop a plan to incorporate hemp into your lifestyle safely.

Here is where you can find the resources you need to get on your path to wellness!

This call/ video chat will be at a time that is convenient to you. You will get a call to setup once you have added this to your cart and checked out, I will reach out to you within 48-72 hrs to setup call. 

- No item will be shipped to you, simply add this to your cart to checkout and I will call you to setup!