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Clear Complexion Oil Cleanser

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Product Description

Suffering from breakouts? You are not alone. 

It can improve! This serum I created has saved my skin , and that's why Im sharing this passion with you.

Oil cleansing is actually great for your skin. Please Hear me out. I used to think no, no,I can't add any oil to my skin care routine as I have combination skin. And have been prone to acne, itching, skin allergies & rashes throughout the years. However that is exactly the opposite.Your skin needs some oil.

If you have a lack of oil on your face and it is too dry your sebaceous glands (oil glands) work extra hard to produce more oil. As a result you will have an over- abundance of oil This creates clogged pores,acne and other issues. 

Most face washes have drying agents and chemicals that are harmful to your skin. 

This oil cleanse is designed for combination to dry skin.


 Dropper. 30 ml bottle 

Organic Ingredients: jojoba oil, castor bean oil, Full Spectrum Locally grown CBD Oil (400mg) , essential oils blend, Love. 

Directions: wash face as usual, apply 4-6 drops  to  face. Gently massage in for 1 minute. Apply a warm damp washcloth to face and let sit 30 seconds. Then softly wipe away dirt and makeup.


Disclaimer: Sativa's Garden LLC. and its employees do not claim to treat, cure, aide or diagnose any medical condition. 

It is always best to consult with your physician prior to starting any new routine.



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    clear complexion oil cleanser

    Posted by Tay on Mar 1st 2022

    I got this because my skin is mad picky and gets super irritated and itches from allergies and eczema. I didn't think it would help that much. But I was stoked at the results. I use it every night and my skin is much clearer and feels healthier. I have less breakouts , so thank you for rocking this one out!