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All Natural Hair Mist

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Product Description

An all Natural Hair Mist for great styling and a fresh scent! 

Choose from a Floral Musk or a Citrus 

This spray is made with the following: distilled water, jojoba oil, witch hazel, essential oils, and always LOVE 

Floral Musk has Hints of : Jasmine, cherry blossom, white musk & vanilla 

Citrus has Hints of: Lemon, grapefruit and sweet orange

Both in an amber glass bottle to prevent essential oils from degrading and protect from heat/sun exposure. This natural hair product is safe enough for kids, those with allergies, and if you get it on your sensitive skin you dont have to worry about harsh chemicals. 

I love that I can smell my hair throughout the day and it doesnt smell like awful hairspray! Instead it smells wonderful and light.

Shake gently before use, and mist onto hair, spritzing as you style! Great to freshen your hair-do up and help hold waves longer.

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